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Out of topic here (road ride).

I am planning to ride the full length of Skyline Blvd / HW 35, south to north, on my slicks.
However, I can't seem to find a way to get from the city of Los Gatos to the beginning of Skyline Blvd / HW 35 without using HW 17.

Does anyone know another way?
I will be riding from Santa Clara, if makes sense.
I.e. Santa Clara - Los Gatos - beginning of Skyline Blvd - San Francisco.

Now if bicycles are allowed on HW 17...

Thanks :)

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There's a little dirt in your trip...

You have to connect the Los Gatos Creek trail to Lexington resivour. It's dirt, but it's easily ridable on a road bike, I do it all the time.

From there you can take Alma Bridge road to Old Santa Cruz Hwy to Mountain Charlies to Summit to Skyline.

Or, you can climb Blacks road directly to Skyline, either by Alma bridge road (counter clockwise around the lake) or by riding on a little more dirt to the overpass at Blacks road.

There is one other, studlier way to go.... You could climb Bohlman road in Saratoga, connect via .25 miles of dirt road to Montivina road and drop it to Blacks road, hahahaha, that would add a painfull 1500 feet of climbing to your trip. This is the way that Biking Viking would go.

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