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Here's a little video that explains why I've been riding so infrequently lately. I'm still in sport support mode (but I wouldn't have it any other way).

My son can dunk a basketball pretty easily, but never has done so in a game until last Friday.

His team was playing one of it's crosstown rivals and got off to a horrible 0-12 start. They clawed back all game and finally tied the score with a couple of minutes to go. One of the team's guards who is great at harassing players and stealing the ball makes a steal and passes off for a quick basket. On the next inbounds, he steals again and the result is my boy's first dunk.

The noise level was at a ten before the dunk. It was certainly at an eleven afterward. At first I was pissed that the guy in front waved his program in front of the camera just at the moment of of the dunk, but now I think it's a little bit funny.

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