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OT: new iPhone OS, anyone having problems?

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my wifi stopped working here at home, tech support says go to a store for a warranty exchange if it doesn't work at the store. Works at the store, get home, no working again. There have been some other funky things going on with the phone since I put the new OS on it.

Anyone else have any problems?
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I haven't been having issues... Yet. I've been on 3.0 beta for a little over two months and its been really good for me. Were you having any issues in the 2.xx OS? Usually WiFi issues are hardware related. Have you tried restoring?
No issues here. Wifi working great at home, on jobsites and hot spots. I'm bummed that there is no tethering offered by AT&T. What's up with that? This phone needs to pay for itself so I can dump the home ISP!
im pissed about the tethering aspect too. but no problems here with the new update
tethering can be activated in 60 seconds...The adventurous and interested can find the links easily.

Of course, use at your own risk and sparingly... as its not AT&T sanctioned, and they've threatened to charge people up the wazoo if they do tether unofficially.
No problems, I love the cut and paste.
No problems, I love the cut and paste. :thumbsup:

and the landscape email rocks too

i am downloading the new 3.0 now, hopefully all goes well. stay tuned
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