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OT: Help with rebuilt laptop li-ion packs.

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So I just replaced the cells in two battery packs for a HP DV1000 notebook. One pack was genuine HP and the other was some china ATG. I bought the replacement cells from All-battery (tenergy 2200mah).
The problem: I get about 2.5-3hrs runtime from the ATG, but only about an hour from the HP. I used the HP pack until the laptop turned off. I took the pack back apart and checked the voltage across the cells. Each was 4.2V.

There are 6 cells, wired P-S.

I'm guessing the PCB has to be faulty? Has anyone messed with a laptop pack to know if I could buy another PCB and using the factory connector, rig this thing up?

Thanks for any input. I know this isn't a bike light but I know many of you are well versed in battery packs!
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What you have is a "high resistance" cell in your battery. You need to load each cell while measuring it. The open circuit voltage is not very meaningful. Use a 10 ohm 2 watt resistor. Clip the resistor to the cell being tested. You'll find that dead cell in no time.
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