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Gone riding
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A little off topic, but there have been a lot of de-hydration posts recently, which reminded me of a little problem I have.....

Unfortunately due to Uni and a hectic timetable, I'm very lucky to get any more then one ride in a week, which was a major cut down from the 2-3 hour rides I was doing 5-6 days a week at the start of the year. Anyway, back to the point. :p

I have noticed that if I've had an extended time off the bike (4 weeks plus), when I finally get out for a ride, if it is over a couple of hours (only light riding, lots of spinning, cruizing around and blasting the downhills) I seem to get a headache, not during the ride, but 1-2 hours after. I drink a fair bit, the same as any other ride, eat the same stuff, but it's just the first couple of rides after a long break. After the first few, everythings fine, and I don't change what I eat and drink. I'm starting to wonder if it is just vibration induced..... in other words it takes my brain a while to get used to rattling around in its can again..... :D

I'm not asking for a fix, I'm quite used to it now, and I'm finally riding a bit more which is good (6 weeks of Uni left, then a 3 month break!!! Wooo!!! :D ) but I'm just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences??

Cheers, Dave. (Off for a ride!! :) )
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