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OT But Cool

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How would you like to have this job as a test driver?? Click on a model then video in action on right. :cornut:
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Awesome save. :eekster:

Is it your Bday MT????:eekster:
MiniTrail said:
I know that guy hes a friggin jerk and a liar wouldnt trust what he wrote on their. :eek:ut:
MiniTrail said:
he's a little cloudy now and then but I think he can be trusted or is that busted
1958 though? I'm sure it's 1985. Must be that dsylxeia thing
If the date is correct he said hes 24??? :crazy:
MiniTrail said:
twenty four is a waist measurement and usually has a 36 before and after
He a she!!!:eekster:


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Thats my nephew when he hears that song his but itches, notice the back-up to the guys toe? thats one of his favorite moves. The lawn slid I have never understood sniffin up the hill then wiping his head in it. Kid has a serious problem. His owners love him because they dont have any yard cleanup duties. :eek:ut:
Happy (early) Birthday dog! you gonna have a party with beer and women?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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