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OT:Be a sponsored racer for a day

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Any of you knarly fellow mtbrs ever wanted to do a mx race for fun? Here's your chance and you'll even be "sponsored" with a bike and mechanic/photographer(that would be me).
Our vintage race club(American Dirt Racers Association) is having the annual rider appreciation day this Sunday, Dec 27 at Speedworld in Surprise. On this day of racing, we can bring a nonmember to ride in the half-time 5-lap "race" on a vintage motocross bike and experience mx old school style. All first-timers get a trophy and my sponsored rider will also get a video and a cool photo during the race.The first-timers "race" is NOT competitive, just for fun, so don't worry about that part---just ride your own pace. We also have free pizza and drinks after the races.

You'll need to bring helmet and boots, or you can wear my extra gear if you don't access to any. I have size 11 boots and med helmet. I have 3 bikes for you to choose from--a 1974 Suzuki TM 125, 1979 Suzuki RM125, and a '74 Bultaco Pursang 250. All these bikes are nicely restored, and run great. We race on a special vintage track designed for the older bikes with less suspension--nothing difficult or dangerous.

If interested, let me know asap and I'll have bikes ready to go for Sunday. I plan on racing the '79 RM in my competitive class and would be happy to have any of you as my guest. We have a few racers that are also mtbrs and they love the adrenalin, cross-training, and competiton at these monthly races.
If you have questions, I can give more details like directions, show time, pit set up,,,

Rob :thumbsup:
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Sounds fun! If you don't have any takers, I'd love to check this out. Just need to chat with wifey when she wakes up and make sure I don't have any plans that I'm forgetting about on Sunday.
Good thing I checked because I do have plans. Awesome offer though!! This reminds me of how much I miss riding moto, need to buy a bikeo again someday and get back on the throttle. Braaaaaaap!!
eabos, i couldnt agree more...i love riden mtn but i completely miss riden moto...
Exodus11 or anyone else interested, the offer is still open. As 530 today, no confirmed takers, so if you want in let me know. If you've never ridden a vintage mx 2-stroke bike, they are way fun---like riding a single speed mtb, or rigid. Rougher, but corner handling is better.

Mountainbiking and mx racing are way cool, and they both compliment each other. Bike handling, fitness, speed, jumping, braking, sliding the bike, and uh--sometimes a yard sale. Actually, I've seen a lot more injuries on the mtb trail than the vintage race track for some reason. Better traction and throttle control can be your friend when getting in trouble.

Come out for a day of fun with myself, Chris Capages, and a lot of other 2-wheel mx racers on old bikes. I also know of a few guys that would probably let you ride their bikes--390 Huskys, YZ 250's, CZ 400, CR 250's or whatever.There is also a modern bike support class, but I only race the mid '70s to early '80's machines, since I rode them back in my younger days.


Rob :thumbsup:
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Reminder, if you have no gear at all, I have everything, even boots, size 11, med helmet, EVS revolution neck brace, chest protecter, goggles, elbow guards, knee guards, medium race pants, selection of gloves, and even extra LS jerseys.

You could just show up at my pit(yellow Suzuki motocross canopies), go to racer meeting, gear up, and get on the gate for a fun mx moto.
I even take my mtb and fluid trainer for warmup. Some guys kinda freak out when they see me warming up for my moto like the pros , haha.
PM sent dude.
That's hot dam#! Wish the whole fam wasn't sick or I'de be all over that.
Hey a little late but sounds great!

hey, What up Rob if you still dont have any takers id be in for that. I have only rode four strokes though. my CRF 450R . but am willing to give it a shot. i have all my own gear. i know its late but let me know. Thanks
Bman09, I just saw your post and you posted just in time. I'm loading the vehicle w/gear, and making final bike checks. Which bike are you interested in riding? I was just planning on taking the '79 RM 125, but if you want to have fun on the zook TM 125 or Bultaco 250, I can take them too. BTW, the Bul shifter is on the right, so that might not be a good idea---can't tell you how many times I scared the shite out of myself when I first started riding it--amazingly never f'd up too bad, haha. Now it's my favorite.
Pm me asap and I'll call you for details.
Hey Rob just sent the private message. hopefully it goes
thanks for all the replies and interest. Brandon and his dad from Payson called me that they are coming down for the vintage races at Speedworld tomorrow.

If anyone wants to come watch and/or sweet-talk someone into riding their bike at the half time race, be at the Speedworld vintage track around 8 am. Enter at the second gate on Jomax rd, and park near all the vintage bikes pitted at the track on the left side, Tell the ladies at signup you want to ride in the special half time race. Should have no problem finding a cool vintage mx bike to ride.
Go to for directions and other info.
Thanks and see you at a mtb ride soon.

rob, yeah i would have loved to but got plans..looks like u got a taker tho. i grew up on an old 79 honda 125 2stroke...that was fun until i got a modern bike, always wanted to get the old honda up and runnin, wish i hadnt sold it...oh well.

have fun out there, that track is fun!
missed warmup and practice due to engine problems, friends and mechanic worked frantically getting me & bike on the starting line, gate drops, ride like I stole it trusting new maxxis tires(and myself) and win the battle---awesome race--priceless!

Brandon rode the '79 RM 125 in the half time race and we a had a great time today.

Brandon, did you get any photos? I did, but not having much success uploading to this site for some reason. :confused:
Hey Rob Thanks for the oppurtunity!! it was a blast to ride. I did get all your pics in email very cool!
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