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Riding the house trail, I saw this guy was buzzing around, eating the gnats that were chasing me down.

Not often critters actually sit still long enough to get a good shot. I got lucky today!

There are about 5,000 known species of Dragonflies, the common name for members of the insect suborder Anisoptera, order Odonata.

They lay their larvae in our pond. Once they reach maturity, they are virtually without predators, due to their flying speed and agility.

The third photo inadvertantly had the flash go off, (it was actually the first photo taken, in haste, hence, the flash.)

The transparency of their wings is beautiful.

hope you like'em…


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zer0 said:
funny, the last couple days i have been seeing dragonflies, and hoping you would post pics. cool. :cool:

what about damsel flies? how are they different from dragonflies?

Kind of cousins…

Class - Insecta
Order - Odonata
Suborder - Zygoptera

The damselfly and the dragonfly kind of look alike. You can do the "general identification" by the way it holds its wings when it is sitting on plants or resting. The dragonfly holds its wings out horizontal in relation to it's body when resting. The damselfly holds its wings together above it body. The damselfly is also, usually, more slender, and fine featured than the dragonfly.

There are differences in their respective nymphs, also.

So, watch the wings.
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