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This will be sure to bring tears to your eyes. I found a lonely old O2 wandering the wildernest of Ebay. The adoption papers are all finalized and now the rehab begins. As I mentioned before, this will be a more economical build, but the idea is to restore her to as new condition as possible. A full tear down is planned to relube all the pivots and replace as necessary. Touch up paint on a few cable rubs spots, and possibly a replacement of the Cane Creek AD12. I know nothing about this shock - anyone here have any opinions on it for use for the orignal 3.1" travel? Pricepoint had a full LX kit (last year's) for about $570 which was too good to refuse. Here's the spec, I'll post "after" pics when she's done:
fork - Mars Manitou Super 80mm
shock - CC AD12, or possibly Fox RL
LX cranks, BB, Front D., Rear D. levers, shifters, chain and cassette
SRAM cable set
Avid Mech. stoppers
Cane Creek S2 headset
IRC Mythos 2.1s
Shimano Deore Hubs laced to Sun Rhynolite (not so lite) rims
Sette, stem, bars seat post and saddle.

This bike won't be particularly light, but a decently spec'ed Turner for a hair over $1,000 is a challenge at the other end of the "Bling Spectrum" - sorry 'Zilla no gold parts.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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