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This is the same post as another thread but I figured it might get more attention from the world wide community who don't know what or where Timberline is. If you care about the worldwide biking opportunities then please help us. Over the next 30 days the Forest Service is open to input from the public. There are powerful environmentalist groups trying to shut the bike park development down, but the resort (Timberline) is determined to move forward if they can. This will be an amazing new park built by the same guys that made Whistler what it is (Gravity Logic). Please email the Forest Service at the address below and show support for the Timberline MTB Park Project:

[email protected]

Here are good reasons you can use to justify why the project should move forward:

1. The trail system design is consistent with best trail building practices for sustainability, drainage and user enjoyment. The park was designed by Whistler Gravity Research - the most respected bike park design group in the industry.

2. The needs for this type of riding are growing and the opportunities for LEGAL mountain bike DH use are stagnant or shrinking. This Park will service a growing sector of the sport by meeting an increasingly large public need.

3. The area being proposed for development has already been impacted by several ski runs and a high-speed chair which services Timberline Lodge itself. It is hardly "pristine wilderness" as the opposition claims.

4. The nearby Mt. Hood Wilderness areas are already closed to bicycle use and those groups that oppose this project are actually seeking MORE Wilderness on Mt. Hood. The trails being proposed for the Timberline Mountain Bike Park will be designated and signed for downhill bicycle traffic only. The opposition's statement that this trail system will increase user conflicts with equestrians and hikers is patently absurd. It will REDUCE conflicts.

5. Lastly, as the population of mountain bikers grows, so does the need for a wider range of opportunities for them. The Timberline Bike Park proposal not only meets a growing need but it will also reduce the instance of illegally-built trails on public lands. In short, please support this project!
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