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Hi fellow fatties!

Very excited for our first post on MTBR! We wanted to make sure everyone knew about the Cannon Beach Fat Fire Festival taking place this May 17-19th on the Oregon Coast. This is a long dreamed about event and we are hoping this turns into the annual fat bike community's spot to connect, ride bikes and have fun.

This year is the 2nd annual and as the event grows we plan to add more rieds and events. But to get there we need you to come ride bikes on the beach!

The sand is hard packed, there's rocks to ride over and around and a few additional awesome features. This includes Hug Point that was the main road WAY back in the day and takes a log tide to get to.

The link to the event website is below. A weekend ticket is $35-37 per person. There's tons of accommodation options, great food, beer...

Come check it out!
Cheers, Melanie for Oregon Rides
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