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Ordered a Blur LT.... does it come with pedals?

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I ordered an 07 Blur LT complete bike w/ the X9 AM kit about a month ago, and I'm waiting on it... but, I'm not sure if it even comes with pedals or not, and if so, what they are. The santa cruz site doesn't say. Is this a simple -- but mysterious -- question or what?
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pedals are "usually not included" on factory build kits (on different brands).. if it's not stated on the build kit, I would think it is safe to assume they are not included.

Pedals are not included, just received my new LT a couple of weeks ago RAM package with a few tweeks, (different fork, hubs and Chris Kings headseat) i am still trying to find the right stem length and height for right feel on climbs. Have fun.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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