One of the most intriguing segments of e-mtbs today is the Lightweight E-MTB (aka sub-40 lbs.). The first round of e-mtbs with dozens of options today is the 45-55lb bike with a lot of power and a big battery. These bikes will be the majority of the e-mtb market as riders experience the full benefit of assist and range.

But there is an underserved market of riders who don't want a 50 lb bike and all that power. They want something to bridge the gap between the big e-mtb and their current analog bike. They want something that feels more natural and closer to their current light bike. This is the market served by Specialized Levo SL introduced last year and the Orbea Rise, just becoming available in early 2021. We took a look at both models and compared them in many different aspects.

Check out the video as we explore many aspects of these two bikes and compare them.

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Orbea Rise - Electric Mountain Bikes | Jenson USA
Specialize Levo SL - Turbo Levo |