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Orbea Alma 26"?

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I noticed that Orbea does not list the (26") Alma on their website.(?) At least not on the U.S. site. Does this mean that they are only offering the 29ers here in the states now?
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The Orbea *USA* website hasn't been updated for the info on the new frames yet. But, your dealer can order one.
The NEW Alma has a different frame than 2009, VERY nice!! Orbea also has an outlet shop next to Orbea Usa in Little Rock, they feature "older" frames on sale. Since the Alma frames changed, they wiill have the "older" frames/bike on sale. check out The bad news is you can't mail order you have to go there to get it. I think you might be able to get from them thru a dealer but I am not sure about that.
I really looked @ the Alma and the 2009 is really nice but the 2010 is too wow! For me at personal only problem is I am old an have 2 bad discs in my back and really need a I went with the Oiz, which will not change for 2010. It is a sweet ride, I love it my bad feels good with it.

The guys @ Orbea Usa are REALLY helpful!! I went thru my very friendly dealer Atom Cyclist in El Paso, Tx. and Lonnie @ Orbea USA called me to make sure they set the bike up the exact/most comfy set up for me!! WoW That is service!! Mr. Paul Alexander @ Orbea Usa answered all my silly little questions, I am very please with the service and the bike!1
Good luck to you!!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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