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MyMango hard tail has seen the rockies ,ratteled around white rim six times. warrenty not worthy.
A bike worthy of building compared to other HT frames? The geometry? After the bike hammered me and the rockies for five years, it now plays second fiddle to 04 SJ.
The bike is not discussed all. A 1997 orange classic.
What was the origional bb? 107mm? Pfat Q. A crank arm is 13 grams heavier then the fsa team carbon, yet sleek. A 150g bb seems in order.
What should I do with this bike? There`s plenty of room up there. I need a light HT for short wimpy races and to "pick up" when there`s no chicks a round.
What a great place, when a guy can sit at home and make a compleat fool of himself . I don`t think i`m the reason they bombed us?Got bike?
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