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Heading back north out of your fair state 2 weeks after the last trip. Sorry I missed Jollybeggar et al at Cummins but I did do Siltcoos the next day from Honeymans for the double lap either way. (Nice enough and fun though very, very short...) Diamond Lake was hellacious for mosquitoes and we bailed out of there after one night so no riding. A couple of days in Phils and the trails are already really loose in just two weeks from the last time there. Whoops is already getting a beating and the stutters are coming back. Don't know what you guys will do to keep that from happening. But, all in all, still fun and I was able to share the trails with the wife and my 11 year old got to ride up and down Phil's, Kent's, and Ben's. Plus a couple evening laps in the Lair. Good times.

At the Madras KOA and heading for a couple more days in Hood River before crossing the river into WA land.

Thanks for all the awesome trail work you do and will be back for the BBFT. (No Mel, I have not signed up yet. Need to do that in the next couple days!) :)
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