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Options/issues for setting up a 9-1 drivetrain???

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I'm building up a townie from an old steel MTB frame and plan on not using a front derailler/shifter. Who makes an inexpensive single chainring/crank combo? Or should I just remove large and small chainrings from a 3-ring setup?

Also, with a 1-ring setup, is a shorter axle required?

Chain tensioner?

Short rear derailler cage?

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If you run 1 up front, I would opt for the short cage... but that's me.
you can get a single speed crank. you can also put a SS chainring like a Boone Ti one on an old square taper crankset with a removable spider. you can also simply remove the granny and the big ring from whatever crankset you already have.

if you are using the bike solely as a townie you may or may not go through any bumps that would throw your chain. i found that my chain would stay on my 1x9 without any assistance riding around town, including bunny hopping curbs and such. as soon as i took mine off-road my chain would fly off left and right.

the solution that i employed to keep the chain on my bike is a spot brand ring guard and an N-gear jumpstop. 50 bucks well spent IMO.

i also use a medium/short cage RD...

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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