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Opinions on 2017 Marin San Anselmo DS4

Looking for a bike for my wife.
We ran into what could be a good deal on a Marin San Anselmo DS4.
I've never heard of the Marin brand. It looks likie a good bike with quality components (from the searches I've done)
She's going to test ride it Saturday. The LBS is offering it because it's his wife's bike & she's planning to get a new/different bike.
At about half the cost of a brand new one, and with a warranty & lifetime tune-ups, it sounds like we'll probably end up buying it for her.

Her late 1980's GT Timberline is missing parts from when it got stolen - it's a great bike, but it might be time for something newer ;-)
I still intend to restore it, even if not with 100% original parts.
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