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Hello everyone,
I'm currently building up a freeride bike consisting of a 08 SC Bullit frame w/ 150mm rear and a Boxxer Team fork.

Anyway, regarding wheelsets, I'm considering two options:
1. King or Hope hubs laced to Mavic 721 rims
2. Ready built wheelsets.

Problem with option 1 is that it is hard to find the parts here in the Philippines. I've already found the King hubs (although in black, I want pewter) but I can't seem to find the rims anywhere.

As for option 2, the only freeride specific wheelsets I've found were the Syncros FR. The price seems reasonable but I just don't know anything about em.

Does anyone here use this wheelset and is it any good for freeride and a 210 lbs. rider?


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