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opinions on a problem

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ok, just a slight problem that I noticed. (I have avid juicy 3.5's)

I have hydraulic disc brakes. They work perfectly when the bike is right-side up. However, when I flip the bike upside-down, the front brake seems to lose pressure. For example... when I grip the brake, the brake handle hits the handle bar and the wheel continues to spin. As soon as i turn the bike back right-side-up, the brake works perfectly. This only happens to the front brake. Is this a sign of a problem or something I should be concerned about?

I mean, its impossible to ride a bike upside-down, I think... =D

Appreciate opinions/experiences, thanks!
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Brake needs bled.
You've got air in the line.
When right side up, the bubble rises to the top of the reservoir. You're then just pushing fluid and the brakes feel fine.
When upside down, the bubble ends up in the caliper. So, when you flip the bike over and squeeze the lever, you've got air between the reservoir and caliper.
Simple bleed will fix the issue.

Or, just stop flip flopping the bike and go ride. You'll be ok for a while. Eventually the "problem' will get worse and you'll have a mushy lever all the time. At that point, you can't put off the bleed and will need to get it done.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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