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This is (hopefully) not one of those "which ones should I get" posts. I've got a couple of options and am looking for some opinions of you peep's to help me make a decision.

I've a Demo 9 Dh with 04 888's and the stock crowns.

I've got an option to sell the 888s and get some 05 Boxxer Teams without any cost to me except getting a new brake adaptor and stem.

Or I can get the Lowrider / Switch setup from Go Ride. This will cost me $310 US plus postage.

Both will have an effect of lowering the front end and I'll probably save weight either way. Getting the Go Ride option would be the easier of the two IMO.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Cher to the Cher
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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