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I just bought a cheap hardtail from a LBS.

Last years version of this bike:

It comes with a full speed microShift drivetrain. At first I mistook it for Shimano but the shifters were the giveaway. It has a thumb press to upshift and downshift mechanism. I immediately thought this was odd but wanted to see how it worked. You do have to firmly press it down to downshift, which I can understand, but it takes more effort to thumb down than the Shimano finger lever. As a lifetime Shimano user, this was an adjustment and it shifts good but I wonder for how long. All I've found out is that microShift is a Taiwanese company and its hard to find their better models and replacements online that are cost effective against Shimano Acera and Alivio, sometimes even Deore.

microSHIFT -The best control system

I have priced out a full Shimano Acera 9-speed set up (F/R derailleurs, F/R shifters, HG50 cassette, KMC chain) for $80 with shipping at Amazon, eBay and Chainreaction. Do you guys think that dropping that much into replacing the cheap microShift components with Shimano's cheapest drivetrain will be more reliable and longer lasting than microShifts?

I am more familiar with Shimano on the mountain than I am of microShift. Perhaps I need to do a ride off road to truly test it. Another irk is that no matter how much I adjust the front derailleur on this bike, the chain still rubs.
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