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So I have an 04 Salty with a 5" rocker. I am only able to get 3.75" of measured travel out of the thing. The 2" stroke shock is only stroking 1.5". The proper sag of .5" is being used. And the last two rides I did where I measured the thing were very rocky, lots of ledges. I lowered the pressure to 50psi and that is when I can get the full 2" of stroke. The shock is a 2006 Float RP3. It was bought new aftermarket, not OEM. It is the correct length.

Lets say that yea the shock is progressive and the further in travel you get the stiffer it gets. Whats the point? Shock is going in the trash for turning my 5" bike into a 3.75 incher.

One question I have is do the Ventana Fox shocks come with any special valving? Or maybe the shock I bought came with special valving or something. I am not sure what is going on here.


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Maybe your negative chamber somehow got depressurized. Deflate the shock and remove the air sleeve, perform everything Fox recommends during air sleeve maintenance and put it back on. When you put the air sleeve on the shock, you trap air on the back side, which is your negative spring. Otherwise, you must be super light weight getting full travel at bare 50psi on a 5" Salty.

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