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Online site that can build a wheel w/King/Marwi?

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looking for a website that has a online configurator to build the following wheels.

King Disc hubs
Stans Alpine rims (new ones) or DT Swiss XCR (carbon ones)
Marwi tye died spokes

anyone have some links?

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Are you looking for a site to do the spoke calcs, or are you looking for a site to order a wheel build from?
Universal Cycles can do the King/carbon DT Swiss combo, but with out the Marwi spokes.
InvictaS1 said:
after 2 weeks of waiting I had to call and they said the Marwi spokes were not being imported anymore.

glad I called............and then cancelled. You would think they would have picked up the phone and called me.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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