The dropper post category is crowded with almost every component company in the arena. That's good for the rider, who now has lots of options instead of getting cornered into one $400 unreliable post. And the more things change, the more riders want a longer drop for their bike. The problem now is navigating the maze of insert lengths and extension maximums.

OneUp Dropper

The OneUp dropper is space efficient and can be shimmed to customize its drop height.​

The good news is OneUp has introduced the most promising dropper we've seen to date. Three weeks in, we're still impressed. The only wildcard now is reliability and serviceability.

Key Specs

  • Drop 170mm or 150mm infinitely adjustable
  • Diameter 30.9mm or 31.6mm
  • Routing internal only
  • Travel reducing shim reduces travel up to 50mm
  • Price: $199 post only, $248 with lever

Weight Post Only

  • 170mm x 450mm, 31.6mm: 565g
  • 170mm x 450mm, 30.9mm: 545g
  • 150mm x 410mm, 31.6mm: 530g
  • 150mm x 410mm, 30.9mm: 509g

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