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OneUp Dropper Seal Unseated

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Picked up a OneUp dropper and felt great first two rides. Then I noticed it got sticky and slow going up. I figured it was air pressure or cable tension. Then I noticed the seal was unseated. See photos below. I was unable to just push the seal back in.

Not sure how I feel about this. I could email OneUp who will probably send me a new seal. But then I'm rebuilding a brand new dropper and who deserves that. Any ideas on how this happened? Send then whole thing back?

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That post is very simple to take apart and fix your problem. When you disassemble you'll be able to easily push that seal back in place. Unscrew bottom, two 2mm bolts and its apart. Add some of the grease from the packet they sent with the post if its dry inside when you reassemble.

OneUps are ridiculously simple to disassemble/reassemble, and their warranty process was easy in my experience. More than likely, they'll just ship you the part. I had a cartridge go out, and I had my new part in 2 days and installed without issue. You could probably replace this part in less than 15 minutes.
FWIW I have found their customer service on a few emails excellent.
make sure you add some good lubricant to the inside of the seal. I've found mine to be quite sticky, which is probably the same reason yours came out.
I had the same thing happen in October. I just unscrewed the collar, added some grease below the seal (my post was also getting sticky/slow) and then used a small screwdriver to gently push the seal back under the edge of the collar. Start at either side where it is emerging from the collar. It took a minute to figure out the best angle/pressure to apply but once you get it right some gentle force will have the seal tucked back in pretty quick. The seal has stayed put since.

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Pop the seal back in. Ride your bike.
Picked up a OneUp dropper and felt great first two rides. Then I noticed it got sticky and slow going up. I figured it was air pressure or cable tension. Then I noticed the seal was unseated.
Hey there,

I'm sorry to hear about the seal popping out on your new dropper, that is definitely abnormal.

You're correct, we are big fans of repairing rather than replacing right away,
which many folks can attest to, both with how easy our post is to work on, and our stock of 'small parts' for our products.

With that being said, we are even bigger fans of keeping folks stoked with their OneUp parts, so if you fire us an email,
we can work with you on a solution that works well for everybody.

Feel free to reference this MTBR post as well, to provide our team with all the background info possible.

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I had the same problem with my oneup dropper post that had only been used a couple of months. This was the only reference to the issue that I found on the internet and since this thread lacks a conclusion, I thought I'd follow up with my experience. I tried to push the seal back into the seat as described but was not having much luck with it and was worried I was going to end up damaging something if I started forcing it with tools.

I contacted oneup. They said it is possible to reseat the seal, but that once it happens once, it tends to happen again.

As such, they sent me a service kit in the mail which includes a new seal already seated in the assembly. It required doing a rebuild of the post. I followed these directions: DROPPER POST V2 SERVICE - REBUILD . The only snag I hit was in step 3 - removing the cartridge lock ring - which was not budging and felt like I was going to break something moving it. However, the step didn't seem to be necessary and I was able to do everything else to dissemble it with the lock ring in place.

Anyway, there were other things I would have rather done with my time than disassembling and re-assembling everything on a relatively new dropper post, but it seems to be back to full function again and I'm crossing my fingers that this one lasts longer.

Hope this helps others who encounter the problem.
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