2017 Sea Otter Classic

OneUp Components (Everyday Carry) EDC Tools

The new EDC Tool from OneUp gives you another option for storing essentials on your frame.​

While we initially thought the fanny pack was a terrible fashion statement, we've grown to love the comfort associated with leaving the bulky hydration pack at home. The challenge has become finding ways to store ride essentials on the frame.

While we've seen a few manufacturers attempt to store tools or chain tools in their steer tube, their new Everyday Carry (EDC) Tool from OneUp takes the idea one step further. Inside a neat assembly, the EDC contains a small multi-tool, chain breaker, and extra link.

OneUp Components (Everyday Carry) EDC Tools

Want to carry the tool on multiple bikes? The pump version comes with a handy bottle cage mount that can be swapped between bikes.​

If you're really attached to your star nut, they're also offering a version which sits inside their new 70cc and 100cc pumps. The pump head cleverly doubles as a C02 inflator and there's enough room inside the larger version for a C02 canister.

To catch a glimpse of how it works, hit the video above. OneUp is hoping to ship the EDC in the next two to three weeks. Pricing has yet TBD, but should be around $60.

For more info, stay tuned to the OneUp website.

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