Flat tires are a bummer. But you can soften the blow by carrying a plug kit such as the OneUp Components Plug and Plier Kit. The new EDC (as in everyday care) Plug and Pliers Kit includes one tubeless Plug Kit (jabber tool and 15 tire plugs) and their new quick link pliers for 10, 11 and 12-speed chains.

Plugs, jabber tool, and pliers.​

The kit fits inside the EDC stash capsule in the bike's steerer tube or inside a OneUp 100cc EDC Pump. For step by step instruction from the pros at OneUp check out this video.

The EDC is lightweight and easily accessible, helping riders fix flats as quickly as possible. Just know that it's worth practicing plugging a hole at home on an old tire before performing a trailside repair in a rush.

For more information, roll over to www.oneupcomponents.com.