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One9 fork

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I can choose between Fox29 RL or Reba Team with TA, front hub can be adapted, both forks can be set to 80 or 100mm. Weight is not that important, what do you think?
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imho, both are excellent forks. I would pick based on price or color. I love my 09 Reba SL.
I had an 08 Reba at 100mm and it was nice until I rode the Fox29 at 100mm. The Fox had a more solid feel to it and was a better feeling progressive fork. Both are easy to tune to rider preference and when set up are small bumb compliant. I sold my Reba to get the 09 fox29 and have logged 200 miles on it with no loss of air or problems.
Please consider that this is not the TA Reba so it may be as good or better now.
Bottom line is both are great forks and it would just be your preference.
Let us know what you end up getting and a ride report.
So far I'm leaning towards Reba set to 100mm travel. I have tested both forks today on my Hei-Hei 29 and Reba is way stiffer. Fox feels better though, silky smooth from the box. My frame is on its way, I'll post build pics later. Thanks for your thoughts, I knew it was a win-win situation. There's only about 80g difference but reba tracks better.
TA is much stiffer than QR. Nice with a 29er.

Besides, I am not much impressed by the very progressive feel of the Fox. I expect that the Reba will be at least as plush as the Fox once you dial it in, if you want REALLY plush you should try the Manitou.
I've been running the Fox on my '09 One Niner since April (riding it 4-5 times per week), and find it to be, well, awesome. It's quite simple, with only one air input, and intuitive adjustments that can be made on the fly. I have no experience with the Reba, but am loving the Fox so far.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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