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After two seasons of seeing the Masters and Grand Masters categories won by singlespeeds in our local 20 week race series, I knew there was only one way to fully understand what was going on. From the contents of my garage I cobbled together a Rocky Mountain Vertex into a reasonably light single speed and rode it almost exclusively the latter part of last season and got up my nerve to race it this season.

I have been racing alot of the same guys for years and we all pretty much know who is faster than who for the most part. Things have changed.

The last few years I've typically finished 7th 8th or 9th in my age group out of around 40 guys. So far this year I am finishing 3rd or 4th (4th more often)

Riding an SS certainly makes you stronger and rather than chugging up hills in a low gear, the SS rider must attack. I am having a great time and enjoying racing more than I have in years, so I knew the next logical step was a 29er.

Of the two guys who have been winning, one rides a MISSFIT and one rides a NINER ONE9

This week I built and raced my new NINER ONE 9.

The difference is amazing, faster , smoother and climbs like a goat.

I think I GET IT now.

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