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Who's running this? I'm looking to set up my off road adventure bike with a 42 cog with a 36/22 front. YES, I know that OneUp states that 26 granny is the lowest due to the amount of torque. But I still see guys that are rolling with it. See link below

There was also this question on one of the threads:

This inquiring minds type question is directed to OneUp.

In regard to running a 2x10 setup with the OneUp cog, the OneUp website says, "We don't recommend using anything smaller than a 26T granny. With the extra torque you're making we wouldn't want you to damage your freehub."

When you mention damaging the freehub, are you referring to the cog cutting into the freehub body or the freehub ratchet mechanism (pawls and teeth) becoming damaged? I ask this because I'm running a Hadley which uses a titanium freehub body, so I'm not too worried about the cog digging into the freehub body, but I am worried about the cog damaging the ratchet mechanism.

OneUPs Answer:

Sorry for the ambiguity. We are referring to the pawls and teeth. I know shimano hubs had issues when guys were running a 20T granny with 11-36 cassettes. A 26T w/ our 42T is roughly equivalent to a 22T w/ a regular 36T.

If you have a beefy hub it likely isn't a problem. We're just trying to get people to think through their setups a bit before breaking something.

- Team OneUp

That said, anybody out there running a 42 with a 36/22 front? Long cage or Medium cage rear? I plan on running this with my King hubs
on a steel hardtail.

Yes I know it would be a SUPER LOW gear and I could walk up a steep hill faster. But if you have to push up with an extra 30 pounds of gear, I need all the help I can get. Plus getting off and pushing jacks up my knees so I'd rather just sit and spin a few inches an hour vs pushing. Plus it's more of like a "just in case" cog, i'd normally be in the 36 cog most of the time.

So if you've been running this, let me know how it's working for you.
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