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Here is a cool Moab story of mine about my unique ride on the Slickrock trail. It was one of those "never forget" rides.

DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend doing this without consulting with knowledgable locals and also having a few screws loose in your head. I seriously hold no responsibility for your actions if you attempt this and something bad happens. I will gladly take all the credit if you love it, though.

On one trip to Moab a few years ago, we had an unusually wet camping experience. It actually poured all night long. The obvious thing to remember first is to move your camp to higher ground, which we did to avoid any flash flooding and inevitable random streams that may appear through the middle of your tent. This place went from dry, hot,, sandy, alien world to wet, muddy, cold alien world pretty quickly. While the rain continued into the next morning, we returned our rented toy Jeep to the local bike/4x4 shop and talked to a local about weather conditions and when it would be safe to ride on the trails. We were considering shortening our trip and heading home to Colorado.

Now, it is totally counter-intuitive to think that something called "slickrock" would be ok to ride on while wet, but the local explained that it was actually totally fine to ride our bikes on it. He even went so far as to say the rock would have more grip, which I still do not totally buy. But from what I was told, slickrock is a very porous stone and the water does not necessarily make the rock "slick". In fact, it is so called due to the dangers it posed to shoed horses way back in the day, who would break legs trying to walk on it. We thought for sure this was some tall tail being told to us "tourons" and dismissed it until back at camp, where I decided to test the validity. Sure enough, nary a slip on a fairly off camber rock with my old hardtail. We decided to go for a longer test ride, which yeilded the same results from more people. Interesting.

So our packs go on, gear is checked and we start riding our way to the Slickrock trail itself. This turned into an absolutely incredible ride because the rain slowed to a gentle drizzle as we arrived at the trailhead and then stopped completely about half way through.

The views were utterly amazing: waterfalls everywhere, whether they were pouring off of 3 foot drops or 30! Colors were brighter and smells more pronounced. Really a ride I will never forget. And we cleared the whole trail like this without any issues, dodging obvious puddles where we could and pumping our legs hard through the tacky, muddy sand.

I wish I had pictures of the ride but we were too focused on the challenges and making sure the bikes stayed with 2 wheels on the ground.

Anyways, I just thought I would share my experience. Point is, have fun no matter what happens because you never know!
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