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once again... what to buy?

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wuzzny up riderz?

i need your bike buying expertise. i am looking to get a new rig in the next couple of days. my budget is in the $3000- range, plus or minus whatever.. preferebly minus i guess but i want what's best

here's my story. i'm a motocrosser by nature, been mx'ing for a long time, but i also used to ride bikes when i was younger.. bmx, street, vert, dirt jumping, etc

i got back into riding a few years back and i have been riding a Chase 1 this whole time. i now ride every single day, doing mostly what i call "urban trailriding", technical stuff with alot of hopping and drops, dirt jumps, and lately i've been at santos (in Ocala, FL) almost every weekend. at santos i will do just about everything there except for a couple of the bigger drops in the vortex pit. i love the pump tracks too. my ability is pretty well up there. my constant bummer is that, regardless of my love for and commitment to riding (which is considerable), the truth is, i don't know **** about the bikes themselves.

i want something bomb proof that can take a serious beating, handles the big stuff, and steers well

here's what i want. i see all the good guys at santos with their fully rigs doing **** with the same ease and confidence that i only get to have on my dirt bike. so i want something that will definitely be able to handle the big stuff. my one big fear though is that i will lose the ability to hop over stuff if i get rear suspension. even on the trails i am constantly leaning back into a wheelie and hopping ****. is this possible on a bike with a rear shock?

so basically, i want as close to a hard tail as i can get in a full suspension bike, OR a hard tail that can be made super cumfy for big jumps and drops.

what brands/models should i be looking at? what are your opinions?

i plan on keeping my chase setup as a second bike for me and for friends who want to try riding with me, but should i just pimp the hell out of it rather than get a hole new bike?

any advice would be appreciated.. and thanks
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if u want a full susp that feels and rides like a hard tail, go with the Spesh Epic, if you want a Hard Tail that can handle anything, i would suggest go with Scott Scale, giant XTC or trek 9 Series. Sounds like ur bikes have to be able to take a lot, so i suggested brands with very good customer service, and warranty. I would not suggest getting a carbon bike if ur gonna beat the hell out of it. And stay away from Cannondale, frame material is weak and warranty an Customer service are practically non-existing. Good Luck.
thanks for the advice man. you really think cannondales are weak?

i'm on my third Chase frame right now (the other two were stolen) and I beat the living crap out of it daily and I've always been impressed by how strong it is

ima check out those bikes you mentioned
i do think cannondales are weak, at least when compared to scott
or trek, my dad (220 pounds) broke an two month old carbon prophet, and the warranty refused to cover it. now my dad has an Epic and no problems at all. I also managed to damage a Giant trance frame and the warranty was excelent, they sent me a box to put the old one in, and then sent me a brand new one, no questions asked, i only had to pay about $50 for dhipping.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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