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Curious to know if someone can relate to this.

I am a long time member here with an extensive amount of related topics. Life happens setting new priorities, goals, less saddle time, financial planing into deferent directions, but hell...the passion for cycling and the urge to own a basass bike is still here. Lets be honest here; we can all have the same exact amount of fun with a 30lbs bike or a 15lbs bike, but...I find myself on the fence in my attempt to let it go of weigh weenie activies lately. Here is the situation.

Decided to custom build a road bike with common sense in mind, afterall I am a simple man now, 'mature', a father, a weekender, with priorities straight right? so the things in mind for my custon bike build are around confort, reliability, simplicity, safety, all that translates to 1.25 tires, front suspension, 1x by, disc brakes. Figured the bike would be light enough since I already have good components and a carbon frame. So here is the assembly taking place with ZTR crest rims (light and cheap), 700c rear with Xo Xd hub, 27.5er front with extralite hub paired with a DT swiss XMM 26" 100m fork (adjustable axle-to-crown). Zipp Vuma Quad carbon crank with narrow wide 36T ring, Xpedo R-Force Ti pedal (very light), Zipp carbon handlebar, Bomb proof front tire Continental contact speed e-bike rated, Wheels are set with Tubes in it (easier to deal with), Saddle with noncarbon rails, XTR M9000 Derailleur with Shimano 105 STI's. Final weight is 19.40lbs. (8800g).

Ok so...great, I have a very good bike now....talking to myself 'don't open the excel spreadsheet', I am satisfied so went to bed. Next day I need to tell myself 'don't google ways to shave weight'!...don't do it..don'; 442g save just by swaping the brake levers????? sh*t.

-105 STI levers (612) to Magura MTB levers (169.4): -442.6g
-Sram R2C 2x11sp shifter more or less: add 50g
-Front wheel swap (650g to 543.7g with another Crest Rim even lighter): -106.7g
-Contact Speed front tire 27.5x1.25(470g) to Conti GrandSport Race 28mm(330): -140g
-Fizik Arione Saddle Kium Rail (235) to Tundra (145): -90g
-Swap Tubes(164.3 x 2) to sealant 35g + 35g: -258.6g
-M9000 11sp (220) and tanpan(18.6) to Red 11sp long cage and adapter (175): -63.6g

That would bring the weight down to 7748.5g(17.08lbs)....daaaaamn....

But wait! if I ditch the suspension fork:

-DT XMM 26"Fork to cervelo C3 fork: -1169g
-Rotor swap 160mm(72g) to 140mm(61.5): -10.5g
-Front axle 15x10 (57g) to 12x100(61.9): add 4.9g

Final weight: 6573.9g (14.49lbs)....daaaaaaaaamn.

Now the forever question to be answered: Do I prefer riding a 19.4lbs bike or a 14.49lbs bike?

You obviously now my answer and I obsviously know your answer if the question was directed to you.

I'm cursed!
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