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A friend of mine just rode a trail on the north side of Lake Taupo, and I think the air spring in her sid is trashed. It lost some air before she left but honestly I figured I didn't put enough in after I last swapped the seals, so I changed the schrader valve and it held air overnight so I figured we were good. But today she popped the seal on the lowers, the ones I just changed and the air spring lost pressure. I think the air spring is loosing air out of the bottom of the upper and into the lower, which is popping the seal.

Is there somewhere where she could get it fixed, borrow a fork, or worst case, bye a new one that isn't too far?
Fork is a 29er rock shox sid brain with 100mm of travel and quick release drop outs. She is 5'9".

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Steph, (not on her hard tail).
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