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As many of you will have scene from several of my posts I have been building a Weight Weenie SS around an One One Scandal, and today she is done!

I still need to get two cable shortening kits for the bakes as Formula crimp the stock ends so you have to buy them (gits).

I have ordered a Gold 2 piece cog and a gold front Ring from ISAR so there are some temp bits on which are probably 35g heavier than the ISAR parts to get me moving.

She is about 0.5 lb Heavier than originally calculated due to manufacturers' lying about their part weights, still she is the lightest bike I have ever picked up let alone owned!!

I have been riding my FS Kona Coilair (magic link) locked out in one gear for the last few month and even lugging that 36lb monster about I fell in love with the simplicity of SSing, it really is like running in many ways. So going to the scandal is going to drop almost 20lb!

I will be breaking her in tomorrow and expect returning to a true rigid is going to beat me up a bit but I am so excited about hitting the climbs on my normal trails on such a nimble bike.

I don't think anything on the bike is a compromise strength wise as it is only going to be used for general riding and my Saturday 30-40 mile rides.

I hope you like her :thumbsup:

Cheers Steve

Build list

Part Make Weight
Skewer Kcnc Quick Release Wheel Skewers - Gold MTB 45
wheels Hope Pro2 Gold single speed
wheels Hope Pro2 Gold front
wheels Sun Ringle EQ21 Welded Rim
wheels DT Swiss Revolution Stainless DB Spokes
wheels Nipples Gold aluminium 1606
frame On-One Scandal - Slotted 16" 26er 1516
Chain tug Custom Tensioner - Gold 12
fork White Brothers Rock Solid Carbon Fork 777
headset Hope Gold 115
stem KCNC SC Wing Scandium Stem 84
Spacers Brand-X Spacer Pack Alloy 5 x 5mm (use 3) black 15
handle bar RaceFace Next XC SL Carbon Low Riser Bars 2008 159
F Brake Formula Oro K18 Front 180mm 243
R Brake Formula Oro K18 rear 160mm 255
Adapter rear 140 mm Shimano 22
Rotor Bolts 12 rotor bolts 22
Caliper Bolts 6 mounting bolts 6.5 39
Rotor Hope Pro Lightweight Floating Rotor 77
Rotor Hope Pro Lightweight Floating Rotor 66
Seat post KCNC Ti Pro Scandium Seat Post 135
Saddle Selle Italia SLR 149
Chainset KCNC K-type XC1 (2009) cranks 345
KCNC Bottom Bracket 203
KCNC Middle Ring 40
KCNC Crank Bolts 27
Chainring Bolts KCNC Alloy Chainring Bolts - Short - Single Ring - Gold x4 6
Peddles Crank Brothers Egg Beater Titanium 233
Chain SRAM pc890 8 speed chain 96 links 250
Lock Ring Token Gold Shimano 12t 7
sprocket 18t Gusset 1ER Sprocket 53
grips Kona Racelight Grips 21
Seat clamp KCNC SC11 MTB Seat Clamp 31.8mm ld 12
tyres Schwalbe Rocket Ron 26 Triple nano 810
Rim Tape Maxxis Fly Weight 14
Rim Tape Maxxis Fly Weight 16
tubes Maxxis Fly Weight Tube 93
tubes Maxxis Fly Weight Tube 91


I'm gonna have to kill ya
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The Frame is1516g (3.3lbs) and for £199 it is a bargain

Just taken her for a shake down around the block and the power transfer is just instant with the lack of squishy bits and the low rotational mass of the wheels / tyres

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For the record, I was planning out a Black with Gold build, because I had not seen one yet. Now you have ruined it :)

So, you don't mind the clackity clack of the Hope hub?

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For the record, I was planning out a Black with Gold build, because I had not seen one yet. Now you have ruined it :)

So, you don't mind the clackity clack of the Hope hub?
My Coilair has Chris King hubs so I am used to "Interesting" rear hub noises ;)

Whilst I would love to claim originality on the whole Black Gold thing but I blatantly got the horn from Nspace's bike so pilfered the look. I have a feeling that even Nspace may not be the first either....

Go for it join the gang


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Jwind said:
Pretty, I had no idea the scandals were that light. I love my Inbred.
absolutely...the Scandal is basically a turbocharged Inbred as its a seriously fast bike in all regards (geo, weight, etc). Its entirely badazz IMHO, though so too is the Inbred (which i also have). In 29er flavor its a ~2 lb difference for frame

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Some Dirty pics as requested.

It was so odd riding something so light, I almost stacked on the road going to the trial when I gave the first hand signal as the front end is sooo light I wasn't ready for the change in weight lifting my hand of to have such an effect.

Although she is running the same ratio as my sudo FS SS she almost feels undergeared as the instant power transfer and light weight males use of everything you put in into the pedals. On the flats and slight inclines she accelerates to the point of spinning out so easily.

I was very pleased that despite coming from a FS the ride was far more compliant than I was expecting, the old tricks cam back out of nowhere like lifting your body weight slightly with a pedal stroke to lift over a bump or root etc. In all honesty I really didn't notice she was rigid from a comfort point of view, some of the rockier descents required a slower pace to enable better lines to be taken.

The bike performed almost flawlessly with only my front Oro getting a bit sticky and not returning fully but that really was it.

The silence of a SS is more noticeable than I thought it would be as well.

The weather for my rid was awful, strong wind thick fog/mist and torrential rain, to say I was wet was an understatement. The Rocket Rons dug deep in the mud and did me proud, only on the chalk trials which you can hardly even walk on did they struggle (my 2.4 Advantage on my FS fail on those trials to). On the way home I was hit by a nice side wind gust that put me into the edge of a rut on the chalk and I low sided and carried on down the hill on my butt for a fair old distance. I had to laugh as I had trouble standing up it was so slippery. No damage done though

All in all I love her, crazy light awesome power transfer, comfortable(for a rigid) Iand on my normal 30 miler I knocked almost 45mins off when I ride my 36lb FS!!

Anyway pictures! (don't wory she is all clean again now)


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