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On One Mary Where to buy or alternative?

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Ok, stupid question......

I rode like a clumsy oaf today and do not like the look of the gouges in my mary bar. I really like mary and I do not want to be without her, but now I do not trust her. Is there any place to get Mary in the U.S. right now? Or is there a good substitute that I can run without having to worry about stem changes?

Help me MTBR, you are my only hope.

Oh and I want a new bar to ride next weekend. Here are the gouges:

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You basically have two choices.

#1: Quickest would be to order a Space Bar OR from a shop that deals with J&B Importers. It is a Mary knock off. Make sure it is the "Space Bar OR" which is the beefed up off road version and not the lighter weight, less reliable Space Bar.

#2: On One is to recieve a shipment of Mary Bars in July. Too late for your weekend ride, but they are the "real deal".

Thanks very much. I'll try #1 whilst waiting for #2.

available straight from on-one.

looks like they are in stock at on-one's site. they sell chrome now. so scratches are not so ugly.

(15GBP for shipping though. about $40 total
Soma makes the same bar

Soma makes a direct knockoff in white or black. It is called the Clarence Bar and costs right around $60. They are in stock and any shop can order them from BTI.
Grande said:
looks like they are in stock at on-one's site. they sell chrome now. so scratches are not so ugly.

(15GBP for shipping though. about $40 total

When I went to the site earlier I got some crazy 70GBP flat rate shipping I checked again and it was 15GBP. Thanks very much.

BTW, its not for aesthetics that I want to change the bar. Mary does not seem to have the best rep and the gouges are deep enough to make me think how much t might hurt if it failed.

I think i'll go cro-mo this time

had my shop order the spacebar OR... J&B Importers send the standard version (no go for a 300# guy who's seen pics of what has happened with the mary/space bars...

I still haven't seen anyone who's had em online... not sure if J&B actualy have them in stock yet... but they're sure in the book...
have you seen these? Groovy LuvHandle

not 40degrees of bend live the Mary but 21.5deg. Cro-Mo. No breaking. Rody at groovy is awesome to deal with. The bar is really well thought out. Nice looking too.
To sum it all up.
The Soma bar is heavier than the Mary, they beefed it up but it is still not for downhill use from the email I got from them, you can get it off ebay for about $50. The FuBar will need a longer stem to keep your cockpit the same, but no one has had one brake apparently and I have seen no one complain about them. I have one, damn thick bar, ran me $55 to the door. The steel Mary's, only from On One direct and after shipping runs about $80. The Origin8 Propulsion Bar is only for urban use and they are making a thicker Aluminum or steel one (heard both) that should be out soon. The FloWing sounds nice but the "Maker" does not answer emails and does not appear to be shipping them regardless of the fact that he has a website for the bar. The Groovy Luv bar is loved by all, runs about $100 shipped and takes about two months to get, but it is steel and comes with about half the sweep of the Mary, Fu, Origin8 bars.

That is the main list of Mary style high, 20degree or greater, sweep bars.
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the origin8's true MTB version is the OR (for off road)... is or should be out very soon
Titec H-bar - very similar to Mary but stiffer/stronger, heavier, uglier, and wee bit wider. If your bike is a hair too small it might a good choice, but if a hair too big, skip it for sure. $90 MSRP - buy it at or for $60.
titec H or J is a nice bar... if you don't need shifters...
Big Sweep 31.8

:confused: Does anyone make a Mary like bar that's a 31.8?
they are on sale - check on one's website they are 15 pounds
2times said:
:confused: Does anyone make a Mary like bar that's a 31.8?
Great, what site do i go to check for an update?

Make it in carbon as well please.
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