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on one 456: help me own this bike!!

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so i'm supposed to be getting a box full of parts (essentially an entire bike, minus the frame, and really nice parts i'm told) and i thought this would be perfect for me to build an inexpensive bike. on one 456 is going to fill in the missing frame but before i make the order i had a few q's for those of you in the know:

456/456 summer sesh:
a) what does it cost to have it shipped to the u.s.?
b) difference in head angle between 456 and summer session?
c) seat post and seat post clamp size?

i tried to get this info on on one's site but came up empty handed...and if there is already a thread going that covers a lot of these q's then kindly point me in that direction (and sorry for the "repost"). thanks for the help folks!
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don`t worry about we go..

a.)..just send an email to on-one, they answer very quick normaly--or better just use the orderpage on the website...fill in everything and check the shipping may cancel it afterwards before your order is sent...
b.) I would say that the headangle is two degrees slacker...the figures on mine are (approx..) 65 degrees headangle, 71deg. seatangle, unsagged with pike !!... sagged it will be something about 67/72 ...
c.) seatpost is 27,2......clamp size is 30.00
look at unreal cycles. they are the us distributer they're 269 us right now plus 25 to ship
thanks for the quick turn around! i'll have to post pics when i get everything in a put together. cheers.
I bought mine from Unreal Cycles. Wicked fast shipping and informed employees. As was said before, seatpost is 27.2, seat collar is 29.8 but 30.0 works fine.
Just took my first ride on my newly built Summer Season. The poster above who directed you to contact on one directly is right on. Even though I did not buy my frame through them (ebay score) they were extremely helpful and have several products made for them like seatposts, clamps, stems. Email response was usually next day at latest.

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