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...If you get a chance, get out to Bootleg right now and ride everything! Kudos to the crew that's been maintaining the trails...I've never seen them in such great shape. West Leg was oooooo so good :ihih:

I sheared a bolt on my Intense (animal;) ) so I broke out the ol' boy for a New Years Ride. I was pleasantly suprised how fast this bike is and how well it climbed. Shifted on a dime but the V-brakes and 3 inches of travel on the fork took me back a couple years :D

The POW trailhead, main bathroom and lower dirt parking lots were full of cars but I only saw 5 riders out on the trail. Pedsdoc and his Wife were out on Inner Caldera enjoying the day, I can't believe I forgot my camera in the car. I wanted to ride more but was pressed for time with the In-Laws in town.

Happy New Years everyone....get out and ride :thumbsup:



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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