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I'm thinking about riding Louis & Clark this weekend if it's dry (dry enough to ride it without hurting it, that is). Wasn't somebody working on another trail in Council Bluffs, too - maybe Lake Manawa? Any word on that project? Thanks!


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I have not been riding since we got hit with that huge amount of rain two days ago, but the general rule of thumb is that it takes about 48-72 around here for stuff to dry out after a heavy rain.

Lewis and Clark should be good to ride now, with some patchy spots. The drainage out there seems pretty good.

Lake Manawa is finished now, and a GREAT ride. If you have not rode out there yet I strongly recommend it. THOR has done a fanastic job turning a flood control area into a rocking trail.

Here is a local forum link describing current trail conditions at the local trails:

Here is a link to THOR

And finally, here is a site showing the layout and design of Lake Manawa

The Dirt on Lake Manawa

Lewis and Clark should be good to go by this weekend, as long as the rain holds off. I hope so. I'd like to get some riding in this weekend!

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