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I bought some Xerxes when they first came out a few years ago. They're pretty great studded tires. In the past few weeks they both blew up.

The first one was when the bike was in the stand in the house. It could have been a pressure/temperature issue, but I doubt it since I usually run them at 45. I was attempting to get water in my brake housing to evaporate. And it was inside for two days when the rear popped. The bead ripped pretty badly.

I moved the old front to the rear and got a new Xerxes. Within a few weeks/rides (weather was bad so I was on my fat bike) the rear developed a bulge and exploded while I was riding it. I'm glad it wasn't in the front because that could have been dangerous.

Anyway, I thought I'd give people a heads up so they don't get hurt. Mine had some loose threads along the bead but I didn't think it was serious. Tread looked fine too.

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