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I know this should go in the under Retro, but I figured true Ironhorse diehards would enjoy taking a look at this. It's my very first "Real" mountain bike from 1995 and had been collecting dust since I replaced it with other Ironhorse bikes years ago. The frame was in great shape so I figured I'd put this hardtail together to add a 1x9 to the stable. This is what was done:

Removed all cable stops, mounts, etc.
Fabricated and installed disk mount and stay support bracket
3 coats of primer sanded after each
3 coats of silver metallic paint
Custom replica decals
3 coats of clearcoat
Completed the build with parts on hand, a few special buys on eBay and a chain stay from N-Gear for the 1x9 setup.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all!


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