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Old-School Fisher

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I just got an o-o-o-l-d Gary Fisher from a friend. It's a (somewhat hideous) teal-colored aluminum frame (with an 1-1/8" headset, apparently unheard-of for the time), Shimano Deore DX components (including Deore top-mounted, non-indexed shifters, yay!), rigid fork, and some halfway decent looking stock rims. The model name is worn off, and the frame just says "FISHER" on the down tube. It's in really good shape, my friend's uncle works at the LBS and fixed it up for me. What is a bike like this worth? My friend's uncle says it's a collector's item and I can get a bunch of money for it on eBay. I don't sell much via online auction, and I'm also looking for a commuter bike. Should I sell this thing or just throw some 1.5 semi-slicks on it and tool around town?

I don't have pics as of yet, but once I take one I'll post it.
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Not worth a ton. Probably a 1989 or 1990 AL-1. Put it on eBay with no reserve and let it ride. That will give you a value which probably won't be much over $100-200. If you need a townie, it would be the way to go.
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