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Old Guys 60+

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Rewards, Challenges, Advice to share
I took this up at 62, 3 years ago, hadn't spent any time on a bike since a kid. Bought a 26er on ebay, didn't like it, got a GF Mt Tam 29er, was hooked. Riding a Pivot 429 now in central TX.
Curious how many other old timers are doing this. It's a young world out there, lots of good riders, not hard to find better riders to ride with. I've run into a few my age, with considerably more experience. I've managed to become an intermediate rider.
Age comes with physical challenges, healing time, nerve, vision, to name a few, and more. The rewards are worth the trials, and it's heartening to be tolerated by the younger guys.
They seem to appreciate the fact they will still be able to participate in this great sport in 20, 30, 40 years.
Any other old men out there having fun way over their heads?
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You are just hitting your prime...clearly ;)
Any other old men out there having fun way over their heads?
I'm right there with ya, bro... although I'm "only" 57.

Remember, we don't quit riding because we get old. We get old because we quit riding.

Another "old-guy" thread - and I'm in! Started one my self a couple of years ago and it got lots of responses. I'm 61, been riding for, let's see now... 14 yrs. The best part is, I'm still improving (slowly, but improving none the less). I ride year round in central CT - think rocks, roots, hills. I can't climb fer crap, just fair technically. Mostly ride alone. Gonna ride until I can't.
Over here in NZ the over 60's are starting to appear in signifigant numbers in a lot of races.Not only are they fronting up they are also a force to be reaconned with.Im 51 this year and still getting stronger/smarter come race day.With good diet and smart training the years are becomming less signifigant,unlike my spelling.
Baby Boomers rule!!! I'm 65 - Just entered the local 100km races here and a 4 day stage event. They've just started a 60+ class in some of the enduros as more of us Baby Boomers are entering.

The aging factor is an issue as is the injury toll from years of a misspent adulthood! Broken, fractured, torn, dislocated just about everything except thigh bones and upper arm bones, so this requires a 'different' bike setup than a youngster :) Getting a good bike fitting saves my f*$#^d up knees some discomfort - and putting the cleats as far back as possible also helped.

The other thing is forget that friggin max heart rate crap of 220 minus age - innacurate to say the least.

Started MTBing many years ago and came back to it over a year ago. My impression - many of the 'elite' riders or front runners are arrogant, inconsiderate oafs out on the trail compared to what it used to be like. Other than that the general riders are awsome to be with, just enjoy the ride and as more BB's retire we may find more out on the trail :)
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I just turned 50, been mtn biking about 4 years. Im obsessed with it, just built up a ti SS and loving it. It does tax your old injuries, but most great things in life require a certain amount of pain, physical or mental, to be rewarding.

Started racing last year, and have been training more (Cat2). I'm happy when I beat guys half my age. The only draw back to this sport is not alot of 50+ racers in my new age group. I've noticed road racing seems to bring in more of the old timers, must be they feel pavement and cars are safer than roots, rocks and trees.

I'll be celebrating number 60 in about 2 weeks - on my 29er. Had hoped to do a 60-mile epic that day, but overtime is crunching down my training time. Still - don't know what I would do without this sport.

One of the best ways I know to spend time with my son and grandsons - and I can still set the pace, at least until they start some of their gonzo descents!

Papa is looking for an equalizer there - a nice Lunchbox or T29 :yesnod:
Older rider's

I am 69 and change. I still ride the slick rock trail in Moab as well as most of the other's. I don't do 4 ft. wheely drop's, but ride almost all the tech trail's in the Fruita area, almost all, not all. I find that I have slowed down just a bit from earlier year's, but not much. My downhill speed,or desire to go fast downhill is off a bit, but climbing is great. I have been riding MTB's for close to 30 year's and dirt motorcycle's for 15+ year's before that so my tech. skill's are decent. Keep riding, it's all in the mind.
Racing. In Texas the age is 50+ except for the pros, not enough participants 60+. There are a lot of 50+ racers that are badass, tough category. Seems racing would be good to get out of your comfort zone, winning, not a reality.
Gnarly downhills and lip ups over 2' are my downfall, that's punny. I've taken a skills class and seen how it's done, picking up the back end of the bike to push it over the boulder, as is the bunny hop, is still a mystery, other than that I can keep them in sight.
A heart rate monitor would probaly be a deterent to me, TMI. Hydrate or die, makes a lot of sense.
The trails here have plenty of technical features, some more than others, all are rocky, there's always a penalty for failure. If you're not crashing, you're not trying, I must be trying pretty hard, and the art of crash landing has become all too familiar. I've done yoga every morning for decades, keep all the parts reasonably flexible and havn't missed more than a couple of weeks to injury.
Brian Lopes states that smooth is better than fast, I'm working on it, also on scanning ahead and seeing where I want to go
I'm a year too old to be a baby boomer, another lost generation. Ride On.
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54, looking at 55 next year (duh). Thinking about starting racing then when I can ride with the masters. They look pretty wicked fast though....
I am 54 and love riding, its keeping my heart rate at 66 / 104. I think I ride pretty well, but I can keep up with 20 somethings in race training:arf:
Soon to be 60 here. Still love to ride, mountain or road. I'm lucky to have patient young friends who are willing to wait for me at the top of the climbs (they wait a little longer with each passing year).
I'm the 2nd oldest so far. The worse thing about being this age is that each year you have to train harder to be as crap as you were the year before...

And you can't train too hard for a variety of age related reasons.

But there's one thing worse. Stopping and joining the sad old grey wrecks sitting in the corner wishing they were riding.

I now avoid jumps and fast downhills, not because I can't do them, but the risk of an off is the higher likelihood of getting an injury that will terminate my riding. I have a fine collection of friends who can no longer ride because of injury and don't want to join them. Plus I'm full of blood thinners, so a hard landing would be more serious for me than it once would have been.

That said, I'm still doing 24 hours races solo on a single speed and usually finish about 2/3 of the way down on general classification.

Once I get old and frail, I'm going to get gears and suspension so that should extend my riding life.
Brilliant! Well said! My experience precisely. I just switched to a 29er this week so I can keep riding our rooty and rocky trails with less chance of going over the bars. Next step a trike? Before that though, maybe I'll plead with my doc for some testosterone patches. :thumbsup:
Brilliant! Well said! My experience precisely. I just switched to a 29er this week so I can keep riding our rooty and rocky trails with less chance of going over the bars. Next step a trike? Before that though, maybe I'll plead with my doc for some testosterone patches. :thumbsup:
I'm 62, been riding for years and just bought a SC Tallboy. I ride with an AARP group.
I DO RIDE a Recumbent on the road and the youngsters are shocked at my speed.


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65 in a few months, seriously riding MB 1 year, riding alot, racing some, if your still breathing, not playing bingo they give you awards, I've entered 5 races, have 5 awards, Time Trials, Cross Country, and a 2 day Stage race (Time Trial, Grass Lap race, and Cross Country) I'm racing in 50+ beginner class now, I tried 60+ Sport, (those guys are FAST) but I was in the way, now some people are in my way..LOL!!
I test my bones every now and then, I'm still bouncing off trees, ground, rocks, bridges, loosing weight, improving with every ride, not much but some.. Happy Trails
I'm on the left 3rd place, the ol' dog beat me..LOL
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I can smell Medicare. Ive been riding seriously for 5 years, ie everyday at least 20 miles. I consider myself a 50K rider. I recently started riding with someone 62 who been riding for 20 years. He is much stronger. He considers himself 100K rider. He doesnt do centuries anymore. The other day we both ride some switchbacks up a bluff. I struggled up in the granny gear. He is standing on his pedals with little effort. At the top I see this rider bouncing up with no trouble. It is a girl in her late twenties. My friend and I start laughing about being 30lbs lighter and 30 years younger. There is a guy at my local bike shop who is 84 I havent met yet. He was a top notch amateur racer in England during the fifties. People have trouble keeping up him on 50k rides. If Im a bike shoppe Id tap into the retiring Baby Boomers who have the time and money for recreation.
Great tales. There are some badass old dudes out there.
Do ya'll find you're setting your bikes up differently from years past? Higher bars, longer or shorter cranks, ergo grips, suspension? Or not.
I'd also like to know how your bike choices have changed or how you came to decide on your current ride, and what your ride is, aqnd where you ride.
Velobike, you really riding SS rigid?
Why do old guys race?
Only 51 and been riding since I was 40. Really wish I'd have got into this much earlier but I'm thrilled to be able to do it. I've raced maybe one dozen novice class xc races and even won a few of them.

A funny aside: I did a race this spring and the local race series just added a 50+ age group this year. When I checked the results sheet after the race, the usual age breakdowns were listed, ie, 19-29, 30-39, etc. The 50+ group was listed as 50-99! :thumbsup:
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