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I have a very old (2002 IIRC) Fox Float RC rear shock. Nitrogen had migrated into the damping circuit and the shock was making that squishy noise on compression & rebound. The damping rate was also affected. The shock does not leak air and works just fine otherwise.

Not having access to 500psi nitrogen, it was replace the shock or send it off for a rebuild.

Option 1: send to Fox for "crash replacement". They do not service this old shock, so the deal was $220 for a new RP3.

Option 2: send to Push or Suspension Experts for rebuild: $150

Option 3: Send to Risse Racing for rebuild: $85

Having dealt with Risse Racing before (I had a Genesis air shock on my AMP), and being tight on funds, this was the obvious choice. Just got the shock back and it's 100% again. They also had an air can service kit to rebuild a friend's pre-2000 Fox Float rear shock for about $20.

So if you've got an old shock that needs some TLC, check 'em out.

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