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Old dog, new tricks. ReignX porn

2008 ReignX (OK, not that old), purchased from craigslist last year

It was all stock, except the Van36 was upgraded to the RC2 version (fuggin eh!)

and it had a cool sticker that would set the tone for this build.

First thing, swapped the boat anchor cranks for some SLXs,
then put some new wheels on her

(and more recently some kick-a$$ tires)

I like stopping power, so the next logical step was to beef up the brakes

This spring I got a couple more pieces of bling...

The Cane Creek bearly fit in that cluster glory hole. Has a bit of scraping going on, too.

but the shock is phenomenal


certainly one of my favorite upgrades, evar

I also put somer wider bars on her
Total weight = 36.66lbs, still pedals wonderfully

Out on the trail with a brother...

Out on thee trail, by myself

Oh, what a good day this was.

This has been the best bike I have ever owned, hand down.
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