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old c-dale to fixie conversion question

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hello...i've been on this project for a long time now pretty much a year into it lol...I'm building my trek as a SS as we speak...but, I want to make the old c-dale a commuter fixie. I found this product on youtube search i'm sure some of you guys have seen it before. but basically it mounts to the disc mount on a rear disc hub wheel. here is my main concern in the video he basically says this will make any mountain bike with a disc freehub into a fixed gear but does this still help with chainline and tension if you have vertical dropouts and not track's? i plan on buying just the disc wheel since i'm not buying a rotor or caliper anyway. no brakes, no gears, straight old school lol. I figured I'd call them up and ask but wanted to hear your guys opinions anyway. is the link for the video and the product link.

if it is for vertical dropouts as well which i'm hoping this looks like a freaking awesome product for budget building an old beater just layin around
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that is very interesting , this product should not affect the tension because its just like using any other hub with vertical drop outs, the chain line might be weird though
Their argument that a disc freehub is better than a non-disc freehub is a bit strange. Granted, it moves the non driveside flange in to make it more balanced with the other flange (more even spoke tension), but it also makes the flange diameter smaller. this intended for modern vertical dropout solution for non track bikes?
Tomicog makes the same thing and he is a member.

You'll have to adjust your chainline with your crankset/bb. Chain tension can be achieve with a forward components EBB for standard BBs or you can just get an eccentric WI hub/wheel built. Or you can try your luck with a magic gear. It is hard to get a good cheap solution for vertical dropout fixed gears. A ghost ring may work for you too.
cool info i know all about SS for mtb's but I'm still wondering how it is even possible to accurately change a vertical dropout mtb to fixed? it just doesn't seem doable in my eyes should I just SS the cdale too with a different ratio than the trek ?
guess the white industries ENO eccentric hub is about the easiest way to go for vertical drops after some reading...I think a vintage c-dale fixie would look dope with a drop handlebar, bar tape, road tires etc...

Ok so i have my old huffy sittin in the shed. the frame is just complete crap its not even funny is a 97 model and it has a quill stem and a threaded headset...and a rigid fork...I'm seriously hoping that these midish 90's huffy's had a 1 inch fork because its rigid and I want it swapped to the c-dale cause it's a 1 inch steerer tube also. Anybody have any insight on that?
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