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I love this old beast.

Started out with a 2000 AC Air Lite, broke the frame at the seat mast. Giant warrantied it with a 2002 AC-1.

She's seen a few different configurations, nothing like the latest.

New fork. Ages old Manitou Sherman Firefly w/QR15 finally gave up the ghost. Picked up a trade in/upgrade 2013 Manitou Minute Pro QR20 for $311. Dropped almost 1.25 lbs

New wheels. Beat to heck Sun Singletracks with 14ga straight spokes. Picked up a STEAL on brand new Easton Vice QR20. $99 for the SET and dropped just over 1/2lb per wheel.

FSA Carbon bar, post and stem.

Dropped the front derraileur and shifter. Went with a Raceface Narrow Wide 30t chainring.

New 11-36 SRAM rear 10 speed w X7 derraileur and an X9 shifter.

Swapped from Weirwolf 2.5's to Serfas 2.0's and lighter tubes.

The "beast" dropped nearly 7lbs and sits at about 30.5 WITH pedals.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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