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This is the bike as it sat on friday(the 19th) night, it is supposed to have shipped out today although I have not had a confirmation from Brad yet.

The build

Frame: Nemesis Project, Secret Agent 26'', 22.30'' TT, brushed aluminum stickers
Fork: Custom one-off '06 Tuned Z1 Sport
Headset: Chris King NoThreadSet in red
Rims: Atomlab Pimps, red torque nipples
Spokes: DT Swiss 14/15/14G
Front hub: Axiom Sealed cartridge bearings
Rear hub: Atomlab Aircorp singlespeed 12T driver(or DMR's new singlespeed hub, don't know yet)
Bottom Bracket: ? Whatever the shop installed on warranty when I broke mine, who cares, it still works.
Stem: Truvativ Hussfelt(soon to be Nemesis Project)
Grips: Snafu Red, or Oury Red
Bars: Titec El Norte cut down to 25''(soon to be Nemesis Project steel bar)
Chain: KHE Half-link chain(hollow pins if budget permits)
Tires: DMR moto RT 2.2
Pedals: Snafu Red
Seat: Shadow Crow
Seatpost: Thomson Masterpiece
Seat Collar: Easton, black
Brake: Avid Juicy 5, possible upgrade to red goodridge lines
Cranks: Some random 3-piece cranks by axiom
Sprocket: e.13 26T sprocket, but currently eyeing up tree and snafu offerings

I post too much.
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f0ggy said:
dude, get a sick sprocket, like a profile imperial or sumtin, I think it would set it off really nicely in black, with chrome cranks?
That will surely be a later upgrade, I need to pay for college too.

Thank you all for the comments.

Edit: Cru, as far as weight goes, Brad has told me it sits under 6lbs easily, but he doesn't know by how much. The frames used to weigh 5.4lbs before he got the new downtube which has made them lighter. I expect to come out under 30lbs with the full build.

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Damn Snaky thats awesome! I really want a Nemesis, and probably will get one if everything works out.
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