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change and more commiment in my part, I have increased my daily commute to around 50 miles. The increase was about 20 miles or so per day(I was slacking too), took to many rides(car) home. The commute has some hills but nothing extraordinary I think is a easy:eekster: ride, but after three days in a row I need a rest. If I need to cut 10 miles or to rest I can, but my question is how do you rest, or taper for my monthly race.

I just finished my second week, and I have taking three days OFF, I do what I consider recovery rides. I watch my computer to see my speed, cadance and time, but I also go by feel. The cramps have stopped already, but the legs are a little tender:rolleyes: . I want to know how long before the body adapts, I looking for some insight about this kind of distance. I know is not even a warmup for the RAAM racers, but hey this is my little world:thumbsup:

I also started to use STANs again, my God thats a great product.:)
I know is a ramble, but is something here.
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